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Kids, teens & young adults are coping with a lot. Their daily structure has been disrupted, & they are missing milestones, time in school & engaging with friends. These changes can weigh heavily on them & affect their mental & physical health.

Know the signs of crisis & get help from NJ Children’s System of Care (CSOC) if your child is in need.

  • If you know a young person who is struggling or is contemplating suicide, let them know help is available.
  • For youth in the Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) community, the disproportionate impact of COVID-19 & ongoing civil unrest can affect individual well-being. Help is available.
  • If you know someone feeling stressed or overwhelmed, help is available.

For real-time mental health supports & counselling, call @NewJerseyDCF’s Children’s System of Care (CSOC). CSOC provides children & adolescents with coordinated access to mental health supports, substance use treatment, & services for intellectual or developmental disabilities.

Notice sustained, unusual behavior? Call for help – don’t wait.

Call NJ’s Children’s System of Care:   ☎️CSOC: 1-877-652-7624

Call NJ’s Suicide Prevention Hotline:  ☎️NJ Hopeline: 1-855-654-6735


Ways to support a child before a crisis becomes a tragedy:

  • Teach non-violent problem solving
  • Encourage healthy relationships
  • Listen & make sure they feel heard